The new Pottermore is here

September 22, 2015.

The new Pottermore website has been launched. The website made for fans has been redesigned and changed its content, including brand-new writing from Rowling herself – this time about the Potter family. 

Pottermore 2

The site also offers writing by “the Pottermore Correspondant”, a journalist and Harry Potter fan who will report all the updates going in the Wizarding World, including news about the Fantastic Beasts film. Something to note is that the new Pottermore is responsive, which means it was made for mobile phones too (we even tested from our Android device!).

The launch comes with a J.K. Rowling’s welcome message. Click below to play it:

Stay tuned, because throughout the day we will be examining the new Pottermore and we will give our final review!