The Rowling Magazine Issue #73 · January 2023

The hierarchy of canon: The sources of Harry Potter lore

The Harry Potter series has a vast and complex canon, with multiple sources including the novels, companion books, interviews, and various forms of merchandise. This abundance of information can be confusing for fans, and it has led to the development of a hierarchy of canon that some use to determine the level of authenticity and […]

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November 29th, 2022

One billion hours of listening landmark surpassed for Harry Potter audiobooks on Audible

Pottermore Publishing and Audible have announced an extraordinary milestone – over one billion hours of the Harry Potter stories have now been listened to on Audible globally, since the audiobooks were first made available there seven years ago. This benchmark has been reached as Pottermore celebrates 10 years of innovative digital publishing and shows that listening to the […]

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January 31st, 2022

Pottermore Publishing revenue rises by 23% and profits by 150%

The Bookseller reports that Pottermore Publishing, the digital content company for J K Rowling’s Wizarding World, saw revenues rise by 23% to £40.4m while pretax profits rocketed 150% to £9.5m. The company reported details of its financial results covering the period for the 12 months to 31st March 2021. Revenues saw an uplift of 23% […]

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The Rowling Magazine Issue #61 · January 2022

Designing Pottermore: Interview with the Creative Director for the Visual Design Work

Do you remember the beautiful illustrations that were made for the original Pottermore? Atomhawk was the design studio behind all the visual design of the content, and also the two videogames “Book of Spells” and “Book of Potions. We had the privilege of interviewing Ron Ashtiani, Head and Co-founder of Atomhawk and Creative Director for […]

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The Rowling Magazine Issue #30 · June 2019

A Real Wandmaker – Interview with Windermere Wand Shop

What is now Windermere Wand Shop started with a party. That’s how Deacon, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, tells the story of this wizarding project that brings magic to people around the world and allows wizards and witches to have their own Pottermore magic wand. Yes, you read that right – Windermere is one of the few […]

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The Rowling Magazine Issue #29 · May 2019

The four horsemen of Wizarding World Gold

This article was originally published as “El sustituto de Pottermore punto com tendrá una versión de pago” on the Spanish-speaking fan site HarryLatino.com. What is ‘Wizarding World Gold’ and why we should have seen it coming years ago.   This month, Warner Brothers and Pottermore announced an alliance to create a new website (“Wizarding World […]

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April 6th, 2018

Adam Fulrath (Head of Creative) leaves Pottermore

Adam Fulrath joined Pottermore on November 2014 as a Head of Creative and since then he directed the revolution of the “The digital heart of the Wizarding World”. He oversaw the creation of a new editorial team, and also the change of tone of voice (and new content) for the 2015 relaunch of the website. […]

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July 16th, 2017

PDF preview of illustrated Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

If you can not wait until October when the illustrated edition by Jim Kay of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be released, then check this 9-pages digital preview of the book.

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March 7th, 2017

‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ illustrated edition revealed

Bloomsbury, Scholastic and Pottermore revealed the cover for the next illustrated edition in the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The cover shows a dark scene – Harry in front of the Knight Bus. This is in contrast from the first two cover artworks from this new collection, that depicted happy moments from […]

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September 11th, 2016

What we learned from the Pottermore Presents ebooks

This is a guest post by Ibid. Ibid is an Editor at The Harry Potter Lexicon, You can find him at Reddit and SciFi StackExchange. This list is focused on new canon bits and how they relate to other canon. It doesn’t strive to summarize the original articles and therefore will not serve as a substitute […]

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August 21st, 2016

New J.K. Rowling’s hand-drawn sketches hidden on Pottermore Website

In the last months, new drawings made by J.K. Rowling have appeared in some sections on the Pottermore website, but no one noticed them. They were not announced by Pottermore Staff, so they stayed there until someone recognized them. There are new three handwritten drawings by J.K. Rowling, and four that we already knew but […]

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August 17th, 2016

Three new ebooks from J.K. Rowling about Hogwarts

The website Hypable detected that Pottermore is going to publish three new ebooks written by J.K. Rowling about the Wizarding School from the United Kingdom: Hogwarts. 

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August 6th, 2016

What would be a good format for the next Harry Potter story?

As we all know, everything began with a Harry Potter book, which eventually became an epic tale of seven parts. In between, the series morphed into other formats, being the film format the most successful representative of this. But it did not stop there: merchandising of all kinds, theme parks, and now a new original film (not […]

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July 1st, 2016

With the new Pottermore text, did J.K. Rowling legitimize Voldemort’s weird death?

This week, Pottermore revealed a new writing by J.K. Rowling: Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The new text, that comes with a trailer, tells the story of the North American Wizarding School – not to be surprised since we are just six months away from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is set in […]

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November 20th, 2015

Harry Potter audiobooks available from Audible

The audiobooks of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter novels are available from today through Audible’s UK, US, Australian and German sites, thanks to a deal with Pottermore. The audiobooks are produced by Pottermore and read by Jim Dale (in the North American version), Felix von Manteuffel (in the German version) and Stephen Fry (in the UK […]

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September 22nd, 2015

The new Pottermore is here

The new Pottermore website has been launched. The website made for fans has been redesigned and changed its content, including brand-new writing from Rowling herself – this time about the Potter family. 

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September 11th, 2015

“Pottermore 2” is coming

The Bookseller, the most popular website for publishers and booksellers in the United Kingdom, has published an interesting article about the changes that are coming to Pottermore, the website thought by J.K. Rowling for Harry Potter fans.

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July 20th, 2014

Did Pottermore contradict the J.K. Rowling books?

The football World Cup was the sporting event of the year, and like J.K. Rowling showed in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the tournament happened at the same time that the Quidditch World Cup. With Pottermore in one of its less popular moments since its creation, the idea of telling the progress of the World Cup through […]

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April 15th, 2014

Live coverage of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup by J.K. Rowling on Pottermore

Author J.K. Rowling is continuing to post new writing for Pottermore, the digital platform for Harry Potter, with a series of ‘live’ reports from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. The 2014 fictional tournament will take place in the Patagonian desert with teams from around the world competing. The 2014 World Cup reports can be found […]

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March 21st, 2014

Rowling releases “The History of the Quidditch World Cup – Part 2” in Pottermore

As it has been announced, Pottermore has released “The History of the Quidditch World Cup – Part 2”, the final part of the Quidditch World Cup Section in Pottermore.

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March 20th, 2014

New Harry Potter Edition: Bloomsbury team up with Pottermore

Bloomsbury will publish a new Harry Potter edition. The Harry Potter books will have a new face starting this September. Jonny Duddle is in charge of the new covers, which have a more tale-legend look than the previous one, possibly to stay in the same area than Pottermore. His past works include The Pirate Cruncher and […]

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March 14th, 2014

Rowling releases “The History of the Quidditch World Cup – Part 1” in Pottermore

As Rowling promised on Twitter, Pottermore has released “The History of the Quidditch World Cup”. In this first part, Rowling shared the rules and regulations of the famous cup, historical context, the history of the games, the structure of the tournament and a few unusual events that were very interesting to read.

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March 27th, 2012

Comments on the New Pottermore Shop

Next, a few comments and reviews about the new Pottermore Shop that has been launched today: Forbes – Harry Potter and the Mysterious eBookstore: First of all, you can only purchase the books from the Pottermore site. This is really unusual. On Amazon’s page they actually push you there. There is no other Kindle book […]

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June 23rd, 2011

My thoughts about PotterMore

I must admit that when Pottermore was announced over a week ago, I thought it would be something amazing and that it would change the Harry Potter fandom. Now I am not only disappointed with the final result, but also with the way the fans were treated. Firstly, we had to wait for an announcement […]

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