Exclusive: Full cover of the illustrated Harry Potter

August 31, 2015.

We are more than happy to share with our readers another exclusive about the upcoming Harry Potter illustrated book. This time, it is the complete artwork for the dust jacket of the soon-to-be-published edition. The artwork shows the full scene at the Hogwarts Express departure from King’s Cross, with Harry among the people.

The illustration leaves space for the inner flaps, at both sides, to include quotes, reviews and the author information. The right side (the turquoise arch from the station architecture) will likely have Rowling’s biography, while the left side (the brown wall) will have quotes and information about the Harry Potter series.

Click it to see it full size

[wordery isbn=9781408845646]Remember you can pre-order the Harry Potter Illustrated edition from Wordery (with free worldwide delivery!)[/wordery]

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