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The Rowling Magazine Issue #42 · June 2020

The wand didn’t choose the wizard: Neville Longbottom and his dad’s wand

The Wizarding World is full of fascinating objects, but wands are the most magical of them all. A wizard’s wand is much more important than simply being a wooden stick for casting magic spells. In the Harry Potter series, wands are mysterious and can be thought of as having minds of their own. The first […]

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The Rowling Magazine Issue #30 · June 2019

A Real Wandmaker – Interview with Windermere Wand Shop

What is now Windermere Wand Shop started with a party. That’s how Deacon, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, tells the story of this wizarding project that brings magic to people around the world and allows wizards and witches to have their own Pottermore magic wand. Yes, you read that right – Windermere is one of the few […]

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