The Rowling Magazine Issue #65 · May 2022

Draco Malfoy: the unfriend

“I can tell the wrong sort for myself.” – Harry Potter to Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Draco Malfoy is a catalyst, a source of information, a bellwether and a lesson: the boy who made all the wrong choices. He is Harry Potter’s rival and spurs Harry on. Draco is the best […]

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The Rowling Magazine Issue #45 · September 2020

Harry Potter and the Unspeakable Horrors

Dirty deeds are not exclusive to Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange and the Death Eaters. Many characters in the wizarding world do terrible things. Events are not black or white. They are many shades of grey. Voldemort’s crimes include patricide, attempted infanticide, grave robbing, regime change, mass murder… and he’s a terrible houseguest. Other magic folk are […]

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