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our staff

These people are part, in one way or another, of The Rowling Library

Patricio Tarantino

Founder. Part of the Harry Potter online fandom since 2000. Collector. Author of Historia Secreta del Mundo Mágico. And J.K. Rowling knows who he is.

Belén Salituri

Magazine editor. She likes Harry Potter and Theme Parks. She runs The Perfect Disney Trip.

Laurent García

Occasional writer but permanent news finder for The Rowling Library since 2012. Laurent also runs The Rowling Archives.

Fausto Giurescu

Fausto is an illustrator and artist from Corrientes, Argentina. He works creating art for record labels from around the world. He collaborates doing the cover magazines for The Rowling Library as well. In his free time, he loves drawing and to be with his cats.


Curator of the /r/RowlingWritings reddit collection, and the lead of the old preservation project, as well as an active member of The Harry Potter Lexicon, Science Fiction Stack Exchange, and various reddit communities.

Demi Schwartz

Demi Michelle Schwartz is a writer for The Rowling Library Magazine and the Hufflepuff host on Lumos Maxima. She’s pursuing her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, When she’s not writing her YA Mystery novel, she surrounds herself with music through songwriting, which is a magic of its own.

S. P. Sipal

SP Sipal is the author of A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter and hosts the YouTube channel where all Fantastic Beasts fans can discuss their favorite theories. Find her on Twitter at @HP4Writers.

John Granger

Tagged "The Dean of Harry Potter Scholars" by TIME magazine's Lev Grossman, John Granger has been the leading expert on the subject of the artistry and meaning ofHarry Potter novels since the publication of his first book on the subject in 2002.

Oliver F.

Like Harry Potter, Oliver grew up in Surrey, has green eyes and asks too many questions. He lives near Kings Cross and enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

Parta Canna

Parta Canna was born on April 17th in Republic of Kosovo. She has a Master Degree in Computer Science and is a certified Java programmer. Her first book, Vetja tjetër, was published in 2011 in Albanian.

Brandy Brown

As an avid Harry Potter enthusiast, Brandy is the personality behind Simply Potter, where she shares her love and tips for cosplaying, crafting, collecting, attending conventions and fan events, and traveling to Harry Potter locations.