J.K. Rowling teases “The Hallmarked Man” with photo of her computer

June 6, 2024.
J.K. Rowling teases "The Hallmarked Man"
J.K. Rowling teases “The Hallmarked Man

J.K. Rowling has sparked excitement among her fans by teasing her latest work,The Hallmarked Man,” on Twitter. She shared an intriguing image of her computer screen, revealing a glimpse into her writing process. The photo displayed several filenames that appear to be scenes or chapters from the upcoming project. Fans have been speculating about the contents of these files, eager to dive into another captivating story from the beloved writer.

Although the focus of the photo was something else, when we mentioned to her that she enjoyed giving us sneak peeks of her upcoming books and letting us play detective, Rowling responded affirmatively.

By using techniques to enhance the visibility of the image, we believe the following filenames can be read, although we are unsure whether each file represents a chapter or a scene from the upcoming book.

18. St George’s Avenue

19. Abused and Accused

20. Ramsay camera footage

21. The Falcon

22. Strike Robin Liberty shed

23. Patterson Rosewood

This teaser has only intensified anticipation for Rowling’s new work. The filenames, though not fully legible, offer a tantalizing hint at what readers can expect. As discussions continue to swirl across social media, “The Hallmarked Man” is poised to become another highly anticipated release in Rowling’s impressive literary career.

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