Cormoran Strike Order of Books: A Comprehensive Guide

June 5, 2024.

If you’re a fan of detective fiction, you’ve likely heard of Cormoran Strike, the gritty private investigator created by J.K. Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The series has gained a devoted following, thanks to its compelling characters and intricate plots. For those new to the series or looking to read the books in order, this guide will help you navigate the Cormoran Strike novels in the order they were published.

Introduction to Cormoran Strike

Before diving into the order of the books, it’s essential to understand who Cormoran Strike is. Cormoran Strike is a former military police investigator turned private detective. His character is marked by his physical and emotional scars from his service in Afghanistan, as well as his complex personal life. Alongside his assistant, Robin Ellacott, Strike tackles a range of challenging cases that often delve into the darkest corners of human nature.

The Cormoran Strike Series in Order

1. The Cuckoo’s Calling (2013)

The Cuckoo’s Calling is the first novel in the series. It introduces readers to Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott. The story revolves around the investigation of a supermodel’s death, initially ruled a suicide. As Strike digs deeper, he uncovers a web of deceit and danger.

2. The Silkworm (2014)

In the second book, The Silkworm, Strike investigates the disappearance of a controversial novelist, Owen Quine. Quine’s latest manuscript, a venomous exposé of almost everyone he knows, might hold the key to his fate. This case challenges Strike and Robin to navigate the treacherous waters of the literary world.

3. Career of Evil (2015)

Career of Evil takes a darker turn as Strike and Robin receive a severed leg in the mail, leading them on the trail of a serial killer with a personal vendetta against Strike. This novel delves deeper into the protagonists’ backgrounds, adding layers to their characters and relationship.

4. Lethal White (2018)

In Lethal White, a troubled young man named Billy Knight comes to Strike’s office claiming to have witnessed a murder when he was a child. The investigation takes Strike and Robin into the world of politics and blackmail. The book also explores the evolving personal dynamics between the detective duo.

5. Troubled Blood (2020)

The fifth installment, Troubled Blood, sees Strike tackling a cold case from 1974 involving a missing woman. This novel is the longest in the series and weaves a complex narrative with multiple timelines and perspectives. It also provides significant development in Strike and Robin’s personal lives.

6. The Ink Black Heart (2022)

The Ink Black Heart follows Strike and Robin as they investigate the murder of a popular YouTube cartoonist. The case exposes them to the darker side of online communities and fandoms. The story is both timely and engaging, reflecting modern digital culture’s complexities.

7. The Running Grave (2023)

The Running Grave is the seventh installment in the Cormoran Strike series. This time, Strike and Robin are drawn into the shadowy world of a mysterious cult. When a young man goes missing after becoming involved with the group, his desperate family turns to Strike for help. As they infiltrate the cult, Strike and Robin uncover chilling secrets and face threats that test their resolve and ingenuity. This novel delves into the psychological manipulation and control exerted by cults, adding a thrilling and suspenseful dimension to the series.

Why Read the Cormoran Strike Series in Order?

Reading the Cormoran Strike novels in order is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Character Development: The personal and professional growth of Strike and Robin is a continuous thread throughout the series. Reading in order allows you to fully appreciate their evolving relationship and individual character arcs.
  2. Plot Continuity: Each book builds on the events of the previous ones, with recurring characters and references to past cases. This continuity enhances the overall narrative experience.
  3. Thematic Progression: The series explores various themes, from the darker side of fame and the literary world to political intrigue and online subcultures. Following the order helps understand how these themes develop and interconnect over time.

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