Bloomsbury will release a new Harry Potter boxset (Owl Post Box Set) in August 2024

February 29, 2024.

We’re thrilled to share of the upcoming release of the Harry Potter Owl Post Box Set by Bloomsbury Publishing. Scheduled for release in August 2024, this collection comprises all seven novels in the iconic Harry Potter series.

Crafted with readers in mind, each book in the set is presented in hardback format, ensuring durability and longevity. While the covers are not new, they feature the official logo of Harry Potter, originally designed by Mary GrandPr√© and readapted over the years by Wizarding World Digital. These covers, familiar yet timeless, encapsulate the essence of J.K. Rowling’s storytelling. In addition to the novels themselves, readers will find supplementary content at the end of each book. This includes quizzes, listicles, and intriguing facts, offering an added layer of engagement and insight into the wizarding world. Practicality is key with the Harry Potter Box Set. The collection is housed in a protective cardboard sleeve, designed to safeguard the books from wear and tear. Furthermore, each set comes with a sheet of colorful stickers, offering a subtle nod to the whimsical nature of the series.

This comprehensive collection will be available at a suggested retail price of £140.00.

Bloomsbury Harry Potter Box Set 2024
Bloomsbury Harry Potter Box Set 2024