Bloomsbury reinstates the classic Harry Potter logo on their covers

December 6, 2023.

Bloomsbury has introduced a curious update to its Harry Potter editions, bringing back the classic Harry Potter logo on the book covers. The original cover illustration by Jonny Duddle, in use since September 2014, remains unchanged, with the only adjustment being the replacement of the title typography with the iconic Harry Potter logo.

This move aligns with Bloomsbury’s classification of these editions as the Classic Editions, suggesting a practical approach to design consistency to resonate with the wide audience that purchases these editions globally. By utilizing the familiar Harry Potter logo, Bloomsbury may be taking a cautious stance to ensure that these editions, considered by many as the most popular among readers, maintain a strong connection with the iconic brand. This decision also allows for creative experimentation with other editions, such as the Illustrated Editions, House Editions, or even the MinaLima editions, providing flexibility for different design elements while preserving the distinct identity of the Classic Editions.