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Harry Potter TV Series “in talks” but nowhere “near a deal”

April 4, 2023.

Last night, Harry Potter became a trending topic in social media because of Bloomberg report: Warner Bros. Nears Deal for a New Harry Potter Television Series. The scoop, authored by journalist Lucas Shaw, reported that “HBO is close to a deal for a Harry Potter TV series based on the best-selling young adult books for both cable and streaming, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. Each season of the series will be based on one of JK Rowling’s seven books, said the person, who asked not to be identified since the deal hasn’t been announced, suggesting years of fresh TV fare from the popular stories.”

This was great news for the Harry Potter fandom, since it meant that the so-many-times requested idea for a TV adaptation of the Harry Potter books was going to be finally come true. However, a reputable source with inside knowledge of the situation reached out to us and informed us that “the [original Bloomberg] story has several inaccuracies. The idea of a TV series is “in talks” but it is nowhere “near a deal”. Also it would not be for HBO, it would be a Max Original deal.”

So although it is not a denial that Warner Media  and J.K. Rowling’s team are in talks for a potential TV series of Harry Potter, the situation may not be as perfect as Bloomberg portrayed it. Also, the part about “the story has several inaccuracies” could mean a lot of things. Maybe the TV show is an original content and not an adaptation of the books? Only time will tell.

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