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Hermione & Ron: why this couple works

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By Lungile Ntuli.

It is in hindsight when some things become crystal clear. This sentiment alludes to one of the most unassuming pairing in the entire Harry Potter series – Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.

We were introduced to Hermione and Ron in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Their first contact was in the train compartment to Hogwarts, whereby Hermione wanders into Harry and Ron, whilst searching for Neville’s toad. Although it would have been predictable to fawn over the famous Harry Potter, Hermione diverted her attention to a seemingly uninteresting Ronald Weasley. For someone who she had just met, Hermione sure gave him quite an unusual amount of attention, even going as far as noticing the dirt on his nose. Once again, J.K Rowling showed off her writing and creative prowess by subtlety highlighting a brewing love affair between the two young wizards.

It is worth noting that Hermione easily gets upset by Ron’s actions towards her. One is reminded of a scene in… the Philosopher’s Stone, when she spent an entire afternoon crying in the bathroom after Ron made fun of her. Many people have said unsavoury words to Hermione but when said by Ronald Weasley, it cuts deeper than the ocean. This then indicated that she truly valued his opinion of her.

Whilst the bubbling love story between Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley was still quite covert three books later, J.K Rowling was more willing to lift the lid regarding these two in, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The fourth instalment of the series awakened some of us to the reality of Hermione and Ron’s romantic feelings towards each other. When Ron did not ask her to be his date at the Yule ball, Hermione blew a gasket, ‘’Next time there’s a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!’ she yelled. And conversely, Ron seemed surprised that someone actually asked her out, especially, Viktor Krum, who he totally admired. He was envious that someone else would get to share that experience with her – this moment right here evoked the love that has been silently echoing in the shadows.

The good old saying that goes: “Opposites attract” fits Hermione and Ron’s love story like a glove. It is only upon close glance, that one recognises just how compatible they are. They fill in aspects of their respective personalities that are lacking in each other. Ronald’s nonchalant nature needs a grounded and firm partner like Hermione, whilst her uptight personality needs a fun and relaxed type of guy – one that is not intimidated by her intelligence or strength and that’s where Ron fits in!

It’s easy to assume that Romoine, as their fans affectionately refer to Hermione and Ronald, don’t enjoy each other’s company beyond their link to Harry Potter, however, their precious and alone moment at Hogsmeade proved that they could totally work out as a couple.

Staunch followers of the Harry Potter series were left quite perplexed about J.K Rowling’s decision to not pair Harry and Hermione. As friends, they complement each other however; their characters were just not suitable for a romantic connection. Harry possesses strong and similar characteristics to that of Hermione, which might have been problematic in the long run. Ron, on the other hand, balances her strong energy with his affable and cool vibe and together they live in bliss!

Although J.K. Rowling later regretted pairing Hermione and Ron, she once revealed that she kept their love story from solidifying earlier because she feared Harry would be all alone. This explains why Rowling only set their relationship in motion later in the story, while Harry also entered a marriage with Ginny Weasley.

The love story between Hermione and Ronald Weasley is definitely one for the books. Their genuine love for each other acts as a foundation for many storms and sunshines. Personally, there isn’t a pairing in the entire series that had me, excitedly gasping for air. It has therefore become clear as day, that behind their legendary bickering and fights lies a love story to behold – Here’s to Hermione and Ron!

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