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Season 3 of Dialogue Alley

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Welcome to the world of Harry Potter book translations! Dialogue Alley is a podcast hosted by three Harry Potter translation collectors: Carly, Erik, and Melanie. Each week, the three hosts keep you posted with all the need-to-knows in the Harry Potter book community, dive deeper into a specific main topic, and look closely at one book translation from around the world. Highlights from the first two seasons include: overviews on how to identify rare and valuable books, a detailed dive into all the books available in India, Harry Potter in Braille, and interviews with notable members of the book collecting community– just to name a few.

Does Dialogue Alley talk about Harry Potter books? YES! The three hosts all started their love for Harry Potter through the books. Because of this, they were drawn to how other people around the world first experienced Harry Potter in different languages. There are many interesting covers from all around the world which really showcase and reflect cultural interpretations of the characters from the books. Dialogue Alley highlights one specific book translation each episode in a segment called “Translation of the Show.” Carly, Erik, and Melanie put these books to the magical test and rate each of them based on cover art, feel, size, quality, and smell. Yes, smell. Fans of the books and movies alike will easily recognize the grading scale based on the OWL exams taken by Hogwarts Fifth-Years.

Does Dialogue Alley talk about more than just books? YES! Carly, Erik, and Melanie are all Harry Potter fans and love discussing other parts of the fandom. They explore everything under the Harry Potter pink umbrella, including both the Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts films, interesting merchandise and other Harry Potter collectables, and sensational Harry Potter fan destinations, such as Universal Orlando Resort and Harry Potter New York. The hosts even interviewed a horticulturist to learn more about the real-life origins of magical plants and wand materials.

This upcoming season, Dialogue Alley is proud to be affiliated with MuggleNet, one of the oldest and largest Harry Potter websites around. The hosts are looking forward to the new opportunities this will bring for the show. Plans for season three episodes include deeper dives into outstanding book covers and box sets, interviews with book illustrators and members of the film casts, and interactive episodes that feature Harry Potter trivia and games. The podcast will continue to keep listeners up to date with announcements of new translations, new editions, and everything else book-related.

Check out Dialogue Alley. This show is a fresh take on a magical world that is already so known and loved. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, Dialogue Alley has something for you! Walk through the archway into Dialogue Alley!

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