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Warner Bros registers “Harry Potter: Magic At Play” domain (and Twitter account?)

February 16, 2022

On Februrary 9th 2022, Warner Bros (through its domain register Mark Monitor) registered the domain name HarryPotterMagicAtPlay.com. Warner Bros. usually registers a lot of domain names related to Harry Potter, more often than not to avoid other people getting them. For example, Warner Bros. owns the domain name HarryPotterSex.com. That doesn’t mean they are planning to do something it, just preventing someone else to use it for bad actions.

However, “Harry Potter: Magic at Play” domain name doesn’t seem one of those domain names that Warner Bros. would like to keep it away from other people. The chances of it being used for an official project increased when we discovered that the Twitter account @HPMagicAtPlay was registered in February 2022 as well, as if it were all done by the same team.

We can only wait for now, but I personally think we may have news soon about a new project by Warner Bros.

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