Warner Bros. registers domain name

February 8, 2022.

Warner Bros. has registered the domain name Of course, this may not mean anything, but at the same time, remember our previous scoops about Warner Bros. registering internet addresses for future projects:

June 2021:

Warner Bros register4rs URLs related to a project called “Harry Potter A Forbidden Forest Experience”. A month later, it was officially announced by Wizarding World.

September 2021:

We reported that Warner Bros. registered domain names containing the phrase “Hogwarts: Tournament of Houses”. As it was announced later, that was the name of the quiz TV show were fans competed answering questions and showing their knowledge.

* * *

Of course, the domain registration could be just to avoid fans groups to do it and do unnoficial conventions with that name. However, there is the chance that Warner Bros. is preparing an official convention about the Wizarding World – or just an online edition, as they did with DC (called DC Fandome). The domain name was registered just a few days ago, on January 13th 2022.

We will have to wait until we have more information, but we will keep an eye on developments.

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