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Fantastic Beasts – Secrets of Dumbledore Trailer: Why the Room of Requirements?

December 13, 2021

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‘What is this place?’
‘The room we required’

The way this room is presented is for the fans. It wouldn’t make sense for Newt to know the name of that room, but it makes completely sense for the plot that Dumbledore is using it. The soon-to-be Headmaster invites Newt, his brother Theseus, the Muggle Jacob, Newt’s assistant Bounty and Ilvermorny Professor Lally Hicks to the Room of Requirements to use the Portkey that will take them to what it seems a special event in the Himalayas.

Dumbledore needs to use the Room of Requirements because it is the only way to leave Hogwarts undetected. He cannot use a Portkey inside the grounds of Hogwarts and he can’t disable the protective charm either because he is not Headmaster yet (and cannot share his plans with anybody). Asking the Room of Requirements for a way to leave Hogwarts and be transported into the Himalayas makes completely sense.

But it could also show the urgency of the plan. Didn’t Dumbledore know about this event beforehand? Hasn’t he the time to prepare himself (and the group of people he reunited) to find a way to transport them from outside the grounds of Hogwarts? May this be one of the Secrets to which the title of the film refers?

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