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The Christmas Pig: Nods to Harry Potter or coincidences?

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The Christmas Pig: Nods to Harry Potter or coincidences?
The Christmas Pig: Nods to Harry Potter or coincidences?

==== Spoilers from The Christmas Pig ====

Some passages of The Christmas Pig will trigger memories on those readers who are very fond of the Harry Potter series. Are these scenes and dialogues a nod to the Harry Potter books, or just a mere coincidence?

Jack arrives at a new school and somehow he is the chosen one:

“After just one hour with Holly as his reading partner, Jack was no longer the quiet new boy. He  was  the  boy Holly  Macaulay had chosen,  the  boy Holly Macaulay called ‘my mate Jack’ when she saw him at the packed lunch table later. The rest of his class was impressed. They wanted to talk to him now.”

The story of the three Compasses and the Tale of the Three Brothers:

‘There were once three compasses,’ said Compass, ‘a big one, a medium-sized one, and a tiny one. The big one led the way up a mountain, and the medium-sized one steered a boat across the sea, but the tiny one got dropped in a vegetable patch. And the moral of that is, “never make friends with a radish”.’

When Power is telling the story of how he was “sucked down” to the Land of the Lost, it is not hard to think his master could have been the very same Lord Voldemort:

‘Together, we ruled an entire COUNTRY! To keep me, my master kept the PEOPLE […] in their proper places, which is to say, ON THEIR KNEES! […] But THEN, a boy like YOU dared CHALLENGE my master in PUBLIC! And THAT CHILD […] gave the PEOPLE courage to REVOLT!’

While Jack and The Christmas Pig are on the run, they use a long and sloppy tunnel to cross the Wastelands and reach the City of the Missed. Similar to what Harry, Ron and Hermione do to enter Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The threesome continued down the steeply sloping tunnel in silence for a long time, until finally they reached a door in the rock, beside which hung a thick rope.