What is the new content in the “Harry Potter Film Wizardry: The Updated Edition”?

May 15, 2018.

Our friends from Univers Harry Potter found a Taiwanese e-commerce website that gives away the new content that will be included in the “Harry Potter Film Wizardry: The Updated Edition”, to be released in November.

Harry Potter Film Wizardry: The Updated Edition
Harry Potter Film Wizardry: The Updated Edition

The official description of this new edition says:

In this new, updated edition, readers will now be able to explore all eight of the films. This revised edition will include additional pages about the final two film installments and also feature a large blueprint of the layout of Hogwarts and a Ministry of Magic poster warning against Death Eaters. The interior features high-quality, close-up pictures of the props, sets, costumes, and special effects that bring depth to Harry’s world. It is loaded with never-before-seen concept art and photos from Dumbledore’s embroidered robes to the sets of Diagon Alley. The book will answer questions such as: How was Dobby created? How was Hedwig trained? How did the filmmakers bring the game of Quidditch to the big screen? In short: How does the movie magic happen? It will go beyond the usual moviemaking books by offering reproductions of production memos, notes from filmmakers, cast interviews, and fabulous bells and whistles, providing a truly interactive reading experience. To complete the package, the following special interactive/removable extras are featured in the book:
A reproduction of Harry Potter’s letter from Hogwarts, contained in a vellum pocket
A reproduction of the Marauder’s Map, featuring multiple, origami-like folds, housed in a vellum pocket
A pack of documents with a Lockhart Defense Against the Dark Arts exam paper and an OWL exam paper
A pack of posters with a teaser poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2 and an “Undesirable #1” poster, housed in an envelope
A “Support Cedric Diggory/Potter Stinks” lenticular badge with sticker back, contained in a vellum pocket
A tip-in of the Quidditch World Cup brochure
Harry Potter Photo Album, featuring photographs and captions from all eight films

Do you think is it worth it? Will you buy this new edition?