Adam Fulrath (Head of Creative) leaves Pottermore

April 6, 2018.

Adam Fulrath joined Pottermore on November 2014 as a Head of Creative and since then he directed the revolution of the “The digital heart of the Wizarding World”. He oversaw the creation of a new editorial team, and also the change of tone of voice (and new content) for the 2015 relaunch of the website.

As he said on his own website, “The first step to relaunching Pottermore was to establish the backbone of the brand with a new identity, logo, brand photography and tone of voice. It needed to transform into a content driven mobile first platform.” He was also responsible for the Pottermore projects that received most positive feedback: the Patronus Quiz, the interactive 3D Hogwarts, and the animations and videos for worldwide launches tied to Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

Adam Fulrath will join Dewynters as the Director of Creative Services. It is interesting to note that the departure of Fulrath adds to the layoff of the Pottermore editorial team reported by BuzzFeed in the last days. In the past months and weeks, Anna Rafferty (Creative Director) and Henriette Stuart Reckling (Marketing Director) both left to take up jobs with the BBC, while Amelia Florence (Social Media Manager) left to take a job with Netflix. This could mean an organizational restructuring that would lead to a different Pottermore. Are we going to see Pottermore V3 in the next year?