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What we learned from the leaked German edition of the new Fantastic Beasts book


March 8, 2017

A new edition of J.K. Rowling’s Newt Scammander’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them releases next week. In addition to new artwork, this will feature six new creatures and a new Introduction by Newt.

However, for those who can’t wait another week, the German Amazon site offers a preview of the book, including the full introduction. (Hat tip to reddit user /u/hec07.) It is possible that Amazon will remove this soon, but here is what we learned from it.

  • The new book no longer features J.K. Rowling’s original artwork.
  • The new intro replaces Dumbledore’s intro from the 2001 edition.
  • Newt is still alive at the time of writing, which is implied to be midway through the release of the film series. (About 2017)
  • Newt says that Dumbledore was pleased with the success of the 2001 Muggle release, despite him having died in 1997. Maybe he was referring to Dumbledore’s portrait?
  • Grindelwald caused “two decades” of terror to the Wizarding World. Seeing as he must finish this by 1945, he’ll likely break out of prison soon.
  • Sometime after her 2014 book on Dumbledore’s Army, Rita Skeeter published a biography of Newt. We’re not sure exactly how this translates to English, but the German edition calls it “Man or Monster?: The TRUTH about Newt Scamander
  • The fan theory that Newt was Dumbledore’s spy is a legitimate theory, to the point that some people in-universe accept it. Newt makes a not­-too-convincing attempt to deny this.
  • Picquery passed laws protecting magical creatures in 1927. (One year after Newt left.)
  • The six newly added creatures are all native to America. (Which presumably excludes the Swooping Evil and the Marmite.) There is an in-universe explanation given for their absence from the previous edition.
  • Newt was the first person to capture Grindelwald.

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