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The Rowling Magazine Issue #2 · December 2016

A Starry Night at Hogwarts

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Fandoms are always very keen on art. From original works to mash ups from original pieces, they bring us new ways to picture images from the artist’s imagination. The Harry Potter fandom is no exception to this, and Serena puts her magical touch on a famous painting.

In June 1889, Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh painted The Starry Night. The work depicts the view from the east-facing window of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, just before sunrise. It includes an idealized village that could have never been seen from Van Gogh’s window. It looks like that spot was a good place for invention, and it seems Serena noticed it too, because she added Hogwarts Castle to it.

“Vincent Van Gogh played with light in Starry Night in such an incredible way that while I originally did this for fun and to learn a little along the way, it also felt like a good opportunity to make an already magical painting just a little more magical,” says Serena. The piece was inspired by those photo manipulations floating around with the T.A.R.D.I.S from Doctor Who, she admits.

It was painted on a board canvas measuring 11’’ x 14’’ with acrylic paints. “The detail on Hogwarts isn’t all that impressive, but to try and keep true to the original I kept it simple. I did this painting when I was still in high school.”

A Starry Night at Hogwarts is a fabulous piece in our opinion. It is not only of a great quality, but it also combines the wizarding world with one of our favorite artists of all time. The original is still hanging on the artist’s wall, but if you would love to have it for yourself, you can purchase a fine art print of the canvas from her society6 page:

(You will find more stuff too, so check it out). If you want to search for her online, you can find her under kuiwi and Whiskermoon, her art names.

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