Harry Potter audiobooks available from Audible

November 20, 2015.

The audiobooks of J K Rowling’s Harry Potter novels are available from today through Audible’s UK, US, Australian and German sites, thanks to a deal with Pottermore. The audiobooks are produced by Pottermore and read by Jim Dale (in the North American version), Felix von Manteuffel (in the German version) and Stephen Fry (in the UK and the rest of the world). 

The first three audiobooks in the Harry Potter series cost £17.99 each and the last four cost £32.99 each.

Andy Gaies, Audible chief content officer, said: “We are thrilled to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the Harry Potter audio catalogue seamlessly through the Audible service. J. K. Rowling’s celebrated series is firmly entrenched in the literary pantheon, but when the first Harry Potter novel was released in 1997, smartphones were yet to become the ubiquitous listening devices they are today. Now fans of this bellwether series have an effortless and affordable way to enjoy them in audio. The breathtaking performances of Stephen Fry, Jim Dale and Felix von Manteuffel transform Harry Potter’s adventures into immersive and truly transporting new experiences—even for those who have already read the novels. We look forward to bringing more listeners to this richly imagined universe.”

Last month, Pottermore did a deal with Apple to sell enhanced versions of the Harry Potter series via its platform. Remember that when Pottermore opened, the site maintained that it would be the only location to purchase Harry Potter e-books and downloads, but it seems they are changing their mind.

You can purchase them from this link. These new audiobooks includes a new digital cover, too: