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The secrets of the new J.K. Rowling website

February 28, 2015


If you are old enough to have visited the interactive J.K. Rowling website that showed us her desk (and house), you will remember the secrets that it used to hide. With the publication of The Casual Vacancy, and later the Cormoran Strike novels, she had to give a more adult image – and her new website was remade by Think Jam, the agency that worked in the first version of Pottermore.

Though this website hasn’t got any secrets as the original one, it includes some little details that are interesting and will go unnoticed if you don’t pay attention. The background is filled with little doodles made by Jo herself – including drawings, quotes and even moments of inspirations for her works.

Some of them are only drawings,


some seem to be reminders,


and some of them seem to be related to the upcoming Harry Potter movie about Fantastic Beasts:


There are a few references to The Casual Vacancy, including some excerpts from the novel


and some moments of inspiration when she was writing it (mainly when she chose names)


And last, there are three quotes:


It seems that these doodles are updated from time to time, so in the future, we may see more of them!

What do you think of Rowling sharing with us some of her daily life and work through her handwriting?

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