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Harry Potter and History – Nancy Reagin

July 26, 2011.

Harry Potter and History
Nancy Reagin
Wiley, 2011
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Harry Potter and History starts off with a timeline which includes the major events of our world alongside with the most important events of the magic world. This beginning is great for a book that’ll try to identify the history of the magic world in the muggle world, trough the similarities in the historical processes.

This book will guide you in the history of humanity showing how J.K. Rowling may have been inspired. Mandrakes, bezoars and love potions did exist. The words used as a spells too, in latin, greek and other languages. For example, the authors of the differents essays note that the spells uses for medicine practices, like episkey, come from greek. It’s not minor Ancient Greek was very important for the advancement on medicine. Although, my favorite chapter is “Was Voldemort a Nazi?”, a great research about the parallels between the Nazi regime and Voldemort’s followers.

Undoubtedly, Harry Potter and History will be loved by those fans who like to discover the facts of the real world behind the words of J.K. Rowling.


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