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Harry Potter should have died – Emerson Spartz, Ben Schoen

December 26, 2010.
Harry Potter should have died
Harry Potter should have died
Emerson Spartz, Ben Schoen
Ulysses Press, 2009
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The Harry Potter saga ended in mid-2007, but the magical world J. K. Rowling created is big enough to, even after thousands and thousands of pages, still create doubts amongst readers. That’s how ‘Harry Potter Should Have Died’ appears, written by the two better known representatives of the quintessential american Harry Potter fansite, Mugglenet.

The book written by Emerson Spartz and Ben Schoen poses something different than other Harry Potter books. While you read it you encounter with Harry Potter questions in many levels, with two possible answers and the respective arguments to accept them, with a final veredict in the end of each one that determines the most coherent answer.

The questions themselves can be quite interesting, as if Snape is actually a hero, if Harry should have died, if the epilogue was a disappointment and more. Also, you can find funny questions to make the reading a bit more comical, like if it’s better to kiss Voldemort or a Dementor.

Harry Potter Should Have Died’ is a different book in the Harry Potter subject, without a major critical analysis of the phenomenon but an exclusive look at the content of the books themselves.