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The Unofficial Harry Potter Vocabulary Builder – Sayre Van Young

November 19, 2010

The Unofficial Harry Potter Vocabulary BuilderThe Unofficial Harry Potter Vocabulary Builder
Sayre Van Young
Ulysses Press, 2008
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At a first glance, The Unofficial Harry Potter Vocabulary Builder can be mistaken with Steve Vander Ark’s The Lexicon. The “Vocabulary Builder” is not a compilation of words invented by Rowling, but a dictionary of those uncommon English words used by the writer. Such as explained in section “Using this book,” Muggles and Dementors words will not be in this book because they are not used in everyday life, but others such as decor or fluke will.

Although perhaps it was not originally intended for a non-English, would work great in countries like mine in which we speak Spanish and many terms may escape us. That’s why each of the adjectives used in the entire work of Harry Potter are described in this book that contains over 3,000 words explained and their respective pronunciation. For example, did you know that bated breath, which appears on page 234 of the Philosopher’s Stone is holding their breath in a state of suspense? Or that layabout, which appears in the Prisoner of Azkaban and The Deathly Hallows is a lazy person who does not work?

A book was not intended for trading outside the United States would help to the Harry Potter international readers.


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