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The Lexicon – Steve Vander Ark

November 12, 2010.
The Lexicon - Steve Vander ArkThe Lexicon
Steve Vander Ark
RDR Books, 2009
[Official Website]

In the last months of 2008, there were two mayor subjects in the Potter Book World: The Tales of Beedle the Bard and The Lexicon. With so many comings and goings in the courts, we can finally get our hands on Steve Vander Ark’s The Lexicon, which adapts the information the author has compiled over many years in the HP Lexicon website.

The book is not a paper version of the website. It has not timelines or maps, but a complete index of every object, character, place, spell or item that has been named in any of the Rowling books or interviews She has given. There are also tips that Rowling gave to the movie and videogames producers.

There may be missing information, but what characterizes The Lexicon is the number of entries it has, listing absolutely everything on the world of Harry Potter. This makes The Lexicon most complete the encyclopedia of Harry Potter printed so far, and certainly the most complete of all time.

A book to have on the shelf and to consult when a question comes to light about the books; and why not, to enjoy Steve Vander Ark’s subjective notes.