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Harry, a History – Melissa Anelli

November 10, 2010

Harry, a HistoryHarry, a History
Melissa Anelli
Simon & Schuster, 2008
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Melissa Anelli knows what She does when She writes and talks about the Harry Potter phenomenom and everything related. And there is a reason: She is not anyone in the Potter fandom, She is a fan who because her dedication, get some attention She couldn’t get in any other way.

This book takes us in a trip where we can read about her own experiences, with chapters dedicated to the Wizard Rock, Fan Fiction and Podcast, among other fandom stuff. However, there are also personal stories, like her meetings with Jo Rowling, or books and movie releases, which She lived in her own way, in the center of the Potter World.

But it’s not only what She tells what makes this a great book, but the way She does. The first chapter is a clear example of Melissa’s talent: almost no one has managed to describe the feelings that each fan felt when the release date of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was announced in the way She did. And, as a way to introduce a book that does not have any kind of waste.

And when the reader reaches the end of the book, all the work of Melissa somewhat opaque to Rowling’s introductory words, for no other reason the quality of the book.

Harry, a History is a book that let us view the Potter Phenomenom from another point of view, the Melissa’s point of view, one of the most recognized fans of Harry Potter and, by who we learn a lot of Harry Potter facts (publication secrets, for example) which most of us just ignore.

It’s a must read book, no doubts.


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